Alpina Foods, Batavia, NY

Alpina-website Alpina Foods is a leading provider of high quality dairy products. Alpina needed a responsive site that allowed customers easy access to information about their products.  Stellaractive decided on WordPress as the structural base to allow for a great deal of flexibility as well as creative freedom. The site itself was designed to include […]

Urban Wellness Group, Portland, Oregon

stellar_pfolio_uwg Urban Wellness Group is a group of holistic physicians and practitioners based in Portland, Oregon. When they first approached Stellaractive they had already expanded as a clinic, redid their offices, and created new branding for the business to show their high quality, holistic services. The next step for them was to roll their new […]

Hardwood Decking Supply, Tualatin, Oregon

stellar_pfolio_hardwood Hardwood Decking Supply is the industry expert on tropical hardwood decking boards that are environmentally harvested.  Stellaractive had the privilege and trust of owner Rick Campbell to develop his company’s brand from scratch. Stellaractive designed the logo and branding, created the messaging and wrote the website content, and built his amazing website in just […]

PacMe, Tualatin, OR

pacme PacMe is our latest custom cake php development and branding project. The company is for people who like to buy things from online from US retailers but live overseas. There are great products in the US but not all online companies ship overseas and the cost to ship internationally can get expensive. PacMe makes […]

Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Products, Lancaster, PA

schmitt Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Products, a leading manufacturer of marine parts, challenged Stellaractive to develop a complex eCommerce website. Their website needed to allow the public to view products as a catalog only while giving vendors access to pricing and the ability to purchase.  Adding to the complexity of the project S&O has a […]